AWG Wire Sizing System goes Global

AWG Wire Sizing System goes Global

On September 29th 2009 the IEC published IEC/TR 62602 Conductors of insulated cables – Data for AWG and KCMIL sizes.    

The informative publication completed the first of several stages in a process initiated by NEMA members to ultimately produce a normative IEC standard for both metric based and N. American sized conductors. 

 A good reason to celebrate this important achievement is that it may now be referenced in other international normative documents, thereby opening the world’s markets to products designed to use AWG sized conductors.  Some examples of these products are: insulated cable, motor/generators, connectors, wiring devices, boxes and current protection devices.

 The commercial battlegrounds targeted by this project are developing countries markets.  Most of those abide by governmental edict to IEC standards.  As a result, products not included in an IEC standard, have practically no chance to compete. 

A lot of work lies ahead until the ultimate goal to get the AWG in a normative IEC standard is reached.  But all great journeys start with a first step.

 Andrei Moldoveanu



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