Smart Grid and Video Games, Part II

Smart Grid and Video Games, Part II

Last May, I wrote about how Smart Grid was integrated into one of my favorite video games, The Sims 2. At the time, I questioned how Smart Grid technologies might be featured in the game’s sequel, The Sims 3.

Well, there’s no job category for electrical engineers yet, and governor Sims don’t get to make decisions about transmission corridors, but soon, Sims will be able to drive around in electric cars. The game’s publisher, EA, just announced a product placement deal with Renault as part of a new download pack. Other Smart Grid–friendly technologies will include solar panels and windmills. Sims will be able to plug these objects into the grid and reduce utility bills.

Unsurprisingly, the game still lacks a career path for standards writers, so my Sims will be able to easily plug into the grid via some video game magic. In the world outside my computer, though, standards will be necessary for implementation of Smart Grid technologies.

I love how Smart Grid technologies are becoming household terms and are entering popular culture. What’s next? Will the ladies of Desperate Housewives start comparing smart meter data?

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