A Presidential Spokesman for the Industry

A Presidential Spokesman for the Industry

Not many industries can lay claim to a U.S. president as a spokesman.  But the wind energy industry should start claiming President Obama as its spokesman.  He's probably spent more time promoting the benefits of wind power than any other energy source — such as his visit to Siemens' Iowa wind turbine plant this week, and a visit to another wind energy plant in Iowa on Earth Day 2009 to promote the need for more renewable energy sources.

But long before wind did anything more than power ships, the electrical industry had Ronald Reagan as a spokesman.  More precisely, GE used him as a spokesman from 1954-1962 — 5 years before being elected California governor and 18 years before being elected president.  Now GE is honoring its association with Reagan in a "Celebrating the Ronald Reagan Centennial" tribute.  As the film observes, not only did he host television's "GE Theater" for 8 years, he visited more than 130 manufacturing plants during that time, talking to GE employees and "bearing the message of optimism and the belief in the power of innovation…."

For those who remember "GE Theater," the site has some great clips of Reagan as host of that program.

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