Members of NEMA’S Industrial Automation And Control Systems Section Wonder….. What’s Going On Here?

Members of NEMA’S Industrial Automation And Control Systems Section Wonder….. What’s Going On Here?

For the last 17 years technical harmonization in the Americas has largely fallen under the domain of the Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas, familiarly known as CANENA. Surprisingly after almost 5 years under development, 3 terminal block standards that are IEC based (60947-7-1, 60947-7-2 and 60947-7-3),  one SDO (CSA), has determined that it will be better served to withdraw from the development process at the 11th hour, deciding to not publish the documents along with ANCE (Mexico) and UL (U.S.) reportedly because of:

  •  Issues in readability,  
  • No longer essential because of  recent and substantial revisions performed   in parallel to its own preexisting national standard and
  • Resource related issues regarding its own National bi-lingual requirements.

Accordingly all three documents have recently had their Canadian content removed by the publications coordinator (UL), causing further delays in the review and publication dates for the remaining countries still participating. Members are naturally puzzled given the fact that there had been consistent Canadian participation over the previous 5 year period of standard development without having any of the issues cited above brought to the table.

Subsequently, questions and concerns from 1IS members abound regarding the future of the remaining CANENA IEC based standards either presently under development, under consideration for development, or with those already published and undergoing their first maintenance revision cycle.

THSC Members (which include Canadian and CSA Staff) have expended budgeted resources totaling 100’s of man hrs as well as associated travel and meeting expenses necessary for the 9 separately held meetings subsequent to the initial Oct 14, 2004 project request and approval, agreed to by all 3 countries including the SDO’s.  

Shouldn’t commitments made to participate in CANENA Projects require an obligation by the participants to stay the course instead of withdrawing from the development process, especially when the affected projects have progressed to the point of near completion status?  What’s going on here?  



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