The Start of a New Era for Programmable Thermostats

The Start of a New Era for Programmable Thermostats

At the end of last year, EPA "suspended" its Energy Star program for programmable thermostats, effectively ending a federal public awareness program that pointed consumers in the direction of energy-efficient thermostats.

Today, NEMA announced the launch of Energy Aware, a new program designed to fill the void. NEMA President Evan Gaddis made the announcement at a High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition meeting on Capitol Hill.  Members of NEMA's Residential and Commercial Controls section were essential to organizing this unique program.

Energy Aware should provide needed guidance to consumers on how to purchase the most energy efficient systems, certifying and labeling residential programmable thermostats that actually exceed the old Energy Star requirements.  To become an Energy Aware thermostat, companies must certify that their products meet applicable energy efficient standards.

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