Programmable Thermostat Standard Saves Heating and Cooling Costs

Programmable Thermostat Standard Saves Heating and Cooling Costs

Last month saw the launch of NEMA DC3, Annex A Energy Efficiency Requirements for Programmable Thermostats.  This standard will form the technical specification for the Energy Aware certification program reported in a recent NEMACurrents Blog.  NEMA DC3, Annex A was developed to replace the EnergyStar specification for programmable thermostats.

 When EPA decided to suspend the EnergyStar label for programmable thermostats NEMA responded quickly to industry’s need to provide consumers with a way to identify which thermostats will provide the best energy savings.  Within six months NEMA has published the new standard and launched the Energy Aware certification program. All models of thermostats receiving the Energy Aware label will have inspection performed by an outside test laboratory. 

 The new standard will save energy by holding thermostats to tighter tolerances, adding an adaptive recovery option, and providing more feedback on energy saving modes to the homeowner. A comparison between Energy Star specification and DC3 Annex A, together with other information on the Energy Aware certification program, can be found on the website

The members of the NEMA Residential and Commerical Controls Section should be congratuated for the speed with which they developed this standard so that the industry and homeowners would continue to have a specification for energy efficient programmable thermostats.




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