Smart grid impact deepens

Smart grid impact deepens

The promise of a more efficient electric power grid is coming closer and closer to reality.  Many of the overarching concepts have been defined and now considerable activity is underway to define the myriad of interactions between the multitude of actors in this huge play. 

One such activity, sponsored by North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB)

 is just getting started through a joint venture co-sponsored by ASHRAE and NEMA.  This activity will result in a data model standard that will enable equipment and control systems to manage electrical loads and generation resources in response to information provided by the Smart Grid and to communicate information about those electrical loads to utilities and other electrical service providers.

The standard will complement the flow, aggregation, summary, and forecasting of energy usage information being standardized by NAESB by defining additional distinct model components. While the NAESB standard can be used to represent measurement and profile information, the new components provided by the NEMA – ASHRAE joint venture will address load modeling and behavior, which are necessary to manage on-site generation, demand response, electrical storage, peak demand management, load shedding capability estimation, and load control.

Persons who are interested in serving on the ASHRAE committee are asked to indicate their interest and obtain the necessary forms from:, or by contacting Stephanie Reiniche at: ASHRAE phone: 678-539-1143; fax: 678-539-2143; email

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