Siting Transmission Corridors: A Real Life Game of Chutes and Ladders*

Siting Transmission Corridors: A Real Life Game of Chutes and Ladders*

Oh, for the simplicity of Chutes and Ladders! In the massive effort to attain energy independence by connecting vast renewable energy resources with energy-hungry population centers, power transmission lines are both the obstacles and the solution—the chutes and ladders—to success.

Everyone wants to harness the energy from wind, sun, earth, and tides, but moving it can be tricky. Transmission corridors are the means by which energy moves from source to destination. They are integral to energy conversion and creation of a sustainable energy portfolio. They are also a source of job growth and economic opportunity. Energy entrepreneurs, transmission developers, public utilities, state legislatures, and federal regulators are all engaged in the ultimate goal of moving renewable energy. They may all differ on siting specifics, but proponents and opponents agree—load growth, construction permits, wildlife protection, property rights, and other concerns must all be addressed before lines can be built. Establishing a national siting policy significantly increases the likelihood of using clean, renewable energy by encompassing a single process to plan, permit, and pay for transmission lines.

To see NEMA's Chutes and Ladders version of transmission corridor siting, please click here!

*Chutes and Ladders is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. for its board game.

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