Luminaire Intelligence

Luminaire Intelligence

New lighting technologies such as LED and fluorescent light sources, lighting controls, and daylighting create excellent opportunities for energy savings.  As the market shifts toward greater energy efficiency and intelligence in systems, luminaires (a.k.a. light fixtures) are the first thing to consider when planning your lighting strategy.

In the lighting world, luminaires are the complete package.  Luminaires are electrical devices that integrate everything from the power supply and connection to the light source and optical system.  Examples of luminaires include your everyday desk light, industrial warehouse fixtures, and outdoor street lighting; each luminaire is designed to deliver light for specific tasks and applications.

As light sources have evolved from incandescent to fluorescent and now LED technology, luminaires have followed suit.  Advanced techniques for heat dissipation, optical lenses, and intelligent controls are being integrated into today’s luminaires to improve light quality and system integration.  To maximize the energy savings of any whole building strategy, luminaires should be selected in concert with lamps, ballasts/drivers, and lighting controls.

New, more energy efficient luminaires can offer a higher lumen output, reducing the number of fixtures required to illuminate a space while maintaining the same lumen levels.  ROI for luminaire retrofits in commercial and industrial applications vary based on application and local energy prices; when combined with a whole building strategy, ROI is typically 3-5 years.  Better quality of light and a better bottom line, that’s a pretty tough combination to beat.

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