The EV Race is On – Are We Ready? NEMA Responds

The EV Race is On – Are We Ready? NEMA Responds

The Race is on.  Interest is buzzing surrounding the potential future proliferation of Electric Vehicles (EVs). So many questions have day-to-day drivers and other potential consumers of this budding technology wondering:

How convenient (or inconvenient) will it be to recharge an EV’s battery? 

Will there be a quick charge option in addition to a regular charge with every EV vehicle?

Is a quick charge quick enough?

Is the range long enough for typical commuting needs?

Are present homeowner garage electrical outlets prepared to handle charging of an EV vehicle or will there be another type of connector?

What about the locations of public charging facilities?

How will power charging be made available (price, cash, credit, or remotely added to ones utility bill)?

Auto manufacturers, EV Connector manufacturers, EV charger manufacturers, testing agencies, and EV supply equipment manufacturers are scurrying to work out the solutions. Priorities such as safety, convenience, functionality, cost, dependability, and standardization will be the keys to EV’s making any significant footprint in the automotive space.  Are we ready?

 NEMA says yes. It recently organized the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)/Systems Section which will promote the EVSE technologies and federal incentives that ensure widespread and rapid adoption of an electrical vehicle infrastructure.  Among the issues related to vehicle charging and infrastructure noted above, Industry participating in the NEMA EVSE/Systems section will have the opportunity to address safety concerns for electric vehicle supply equipment through standards revision and development. The key will be getting the various stakeholders to sit down together and NEMA is the forum where we can make it happen!

 For information on the new EVSE/System Section contact Harry Massey at 703 841-3287 or

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