EVSE Making Inroads at CES 2011

EVSE Making Inroads at CES 2011

Industries are converging as electric vehicles (EV) hit the roads.  Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and Systems companies are beginning to strut their stuff as they support the charging of these electric vehicles.

NEMA and its EVSES section members were well represented at the International CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, held last week in Las Vegas.  The EV market has begun to sneak into the picture, and by next year it will burst onto the CES scene. 

NEMA sponsored the Tech Zone at CES.  NEMA is solidifying itself as the organization where all the EVSE players come to the table to define how electricity, communications, and installation all fit together as communication and electricity flow to and from the vehicle, charging station, and utilities. 

Leviton was announced as Ford’s charging station partner for in-home Level 2 installations.  The GE booth glowed with their Level 2 commercial and residential use WattStation.  Meanwhile, a Coulomb Technologies commercial charging station stood in the Ford booth, set to charge.

It was also interesting to see the NGR/EVgo network explained as benefiting everyday life.

NEMA’s Electroindustry Magazine covered this topic in its May 2010 issue.  It delved into plug-in and hybrid vehicles; EVSE charging levels; and concerns voiced by consumers, utilities, municipalities, the NEC, and others.

NEMA’s new EVSES Section attracted a great amount of attention from those in, entering, and eyeing the EV industry.  This new section is a great representation of NEMA’s forward-looking mindset and ability to bring all the right players together to open markets for innovation.

 For information on the new EVSES/System Section contact Harry Massey at 703 841-3287 or Har_Massey@nema.org

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