Keep an eye nano-enabled printed electronics technologies

Keep an eye nano-enabled printed electronics technologies

IEC TC 113, which develops standards for "nano-electrotechnologies" is exploring standards setting for nano-enabled printed electronics, a $300 billion emerging market. The technology already exists for printing circuitry onto inexpensive substrates using conductive nanomaterial inks like carbon nanotubes and graphene, as well as recently introduced flexible display technologies using quantum dots.

With a little bit of thinking outside the box, one could envision printed electronics ushering in a new breed of NEMA member products, including printed exit signs, OLED lighting, smart phone-like touch-activated lighting controls, thermostats and switches, not to mention batteries and smart meters. Such products could have a battery, their circuitry and a lighted display all cheaply printed on a flexible or ultra thin rigid substrate.

This fast growing industry, with its use of nanotechnology along with the potential for introducing a variety of next generation of NEMA products, raises the importance of NEMA support and participation in the work of the TC 113 US TAG to a whole new level

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