EVs in the House!

EVs in the House!

After a number of electric vehicle infrastructure bills have been introduced in the Senate, the House got in on the action this week as Reps. Judy Biggert, Ed Markey, Anna Eshoo, and Jerry McNerney introduced HR 1685, the NEMA-supported Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act of 2011.

Infrastructure investments, essential to the adoption of EVs, cannot be overlooked.  Key provisions in HR 1685 include an extension through 2014 of the Section 30C tax credit for electric vehicle refueling property—also known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, or charging stations.  It also expands the value of this credit for residential and business use. 

These are difficult fiscal times and yes, we must focus on the wisest federal investments.  The good news?  The electrification of our transportation infrastructure is one of the wisest investments out there.

The Chinese are already investing in a major way in electric vehicles and EV infrastructure.  If we want to let the Chinese outpace the United States of America in another manufacturing race, then let’s throw up our hands and blame it all on lean budgets.

But if we want to win this race—powered by American-made electricity, not foreign oil—let’s make smart investments to strengthen this growing market.  It will create jobs and economic growth in America and put us in charge of our own transportation future.

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