Who will be the Chief Information Officer for your New Car?

Who will be the Chief Information Officer for your New Car?

Today, everybody in business knows the crucial role of a good CIO.  The CIO has to both understand technology, and think like a CEO.  Last year’s book, “The Practical CIO,” by Jose Eiras, provided multiple suggestions, including not just focusing on the tech products, but showing what those products can do.  And “spread out”:  employees at all levels should have a working knowledge of information technology, possible security risks, and how standards and policies reduce threats.

So for your home Wi-Fi network, who’s your CIO?  Who manages your home network, and trouble shoots the connection issues?  Is that CIO you, or your teenager?  A few years ago, we entered the age when each of our homes needed their own CIO.

We’re at the doorstep of another new age – Connected Vehicles.  The connectivity and software-based systems available in many new vehicles, and after-market devices, now require (only half-jokingly) the vehicle’s own CIO.

“Connected Vehicles” are an important current initiative of the U.S. DOT’s research, and combine technology, interfaces, and processes that will ensure safe, stable, interoperable, and reliable transportation system operations.  As the future CIO of your car or truck, you’ll be dealing with vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure safety applications, and dynamic mobility applications while you’re making an environmentally-friendly trip.

In a Fortune magazine interview, automaker Bill Ford talked about how a network of cars connected by Wi-Fi technology will revolutionize the way we drive and even the way our cities are designed.  Ford noted that most of the technology is already in the vehicle, but what’s so costly is the infrastructure.

When that infrastructure is available, what will happen?  Traffic data will reach the vehicle, less-congested routes will be planned, you’ll avoid a crash 10 vehicles ahead, and your car will reserve a smart parking space and direct you to it.  As both driver and CIO, your car will be your mobile IT platform.


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