IGCC may need to consider the facts of life

IGCC may need to consider the facts of life

IGCC is heading towards the final public hearings in November.  One article in particular Article 505.1.1 Service Life, raised a lot of objections during the second IGCC  public review  since it asks that all electrical products must have a design life of minimum 25 years.     
NEMA proposed that the “electrical” category be removed altogether from the requirement.  While many electrical products could exceed the 25 year minimum, the product manufacturer has no control over changes in the environment or how the product is installed and maintained.  In addition, electrical equipment that incorporates electronic components often has unknown or short life.  Not to speak of products that by their very technology cannot have a life of more than several years.  Moreover, a lot of electrical products’ life is defined in number of operations, like a simple switch for instance. 

During the public hearings in May a number of organizations spoke also in favor of NEMA’s position, highlighted the arbitrariness of the requirement and the lack of any scientific data supporting it.  To no avail!  The committee issued an ambiguous statement justifying it’s disapproval of NEMA’s proposal: Electrical systems are important components and should be required to have a minimum service life as specified in the code.

As we are preparing the final hearing NEMA is calling all interests out there to bring some rationality in a document that started to become the law of the land in the building industry


Andrei Moldoveanu 

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