Award for GE Arc Flash hazard protection system

Award for GE Arc Flash hazard protection system

GE Industrial Solutions have launched an arc fault mitigation system for switchgear which significantly reduces the risk of injury from Arc Flash events.  GE’s Arc Vault Protection System was the 2011 winner in the protective devices category in Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) magazine’s product of the year award.  

An arc flash can generate temperatures up to 35,000 degrees, a pressure blast, deafening noise, blinding light, molten metal and shrapnel.  For a video of arc flash with and without Arc Vault protection check here.  

The system works by monitoring the circuit and transferring the arcing into a containment chamber which absorbs the fault current and allows the upstream circuit breaker to operate.   Congratulations to GE for its innovative solution to improving a workplace safety and in winning this prestigious award.


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