Calling all NEMA lithium-ion battery manufacturers

Calling all NEMA lithium-ion battery manufacturers

Now is the time for NEMA members in the lithium-ion battery industry to get involved in IEC nano standards work. Balloting of a new work proposal in IEC TC 113 is underway for electrochemical characterization of cathode nanomaterials for lithium-ion batteries. It’s crucial that US industry get involved now, through the IEC TC 113 US Technical Advisory Group.

The future of renewable energy significantly depends on the development of efficient systems for energy storage and lithium-ion batteries are a promising technology to meet this need, with electrodes made from nanoscale composites playing a key role. As product innovations are introduced and optimized, a large number of different materials will need to be tested, and characterization of the electrochemical properties of cathode nanomaterials used in lithium-ion batteries is vital for their customized development.

If US industry chooses not to come to the table, then other countries and other regions around the world will be calling the shots on how international standards will govern cathode nanomaterial testing.

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