Have you listened to our carbon monoxide podcast series yet?

Have you listened to our carbon monoxide podcast series yet?

Did you know that carbon monoxide (CO) is about the same weight as air? Do you know the sources of carbon monoxide? How about the latest developments with CO codes and standards?

Get these answers and many others by tuning in to our CO series of podcasts with Richard Roberts, Industry Affairs manager for Honeywell Life Safety and Co-Chair of the NEMA Smoke/CO Group. This series is designed to educate consumers and industry professionals about the importance of CO life safety products, as well as changes to codes and standards.

“Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and highly toxic gas that strikes without warning,” says Mr. Roberts. “Known as the ‘silent killer,’ it affects thousands of unsuspecting, unprepared people every year. In fact, about 408 people die from CO annually in structures according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.”  

In this podcast series, we discuss four different topics: 

“With the common presence of CO-producing devices and the clear health risks associated with elevated CO levels, it’s not surprising that there has recently been a significant increase in state and local authorities mandating, or considering mandating, the installation of CO detection in new and existing homes, as well as in commercial sleeping occupancies,” adds Mr. Roberts. “This series of podcasts will inform consumers and industry professionals about these new regulations, as well as provide some basic information about carbon monoxide gas and CO detection devices.”

If you have suggestions about further CO podcasts, please contact NEMA Communications by email at communications@nema.org.

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