Rebuilding "smart" after Sandy with new NEMA publication

Rebuilding "smart" after Sandy with new NEMA publication

Superstorm Sandy highlighted the fragile nature of our nation's electric grid. One thing is clear: our grid needs some updating.

In an effort to assist federal, state, and local policymakers with solutions to harden the nation’s electric grid, improve its resiliency to withstand severe weather, and improve energy efficiency, NEMA published Storm Reconstruction: Rebuild Smart. As communities continue to rebuild after Sandy, incorporating "smart" technologies into the grid can benefit us later on when harsh weather strikes again.

The publication highlights several technologies that contribute to Smart Grid:

  • microgrids, energy storage, and decentralized generation
  • backup generation
  • wiring and cable

In addition, it also provides information about replacing or relocating equipment, and the steps that should be considered when preparing or recovery from a disaster. 

A digital copy may be downloaded at no cost on NEMA's Storm Reconstruction webpage. For a hard copy, contact NEMA's Communications team by email at

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