Our Take: Harmonious Sounds At Shaheen-Portman Energy Efficiency Hearing

Our Take: Harmonious Sounds At Shaheen-Portman Energy Efficiency Hearing

At yesterday’s hearing in front of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources  a chorus of support swelled for the bipartisan bill, with endorsements by Senators, businesses, and the Department of Energy.

The overarching message was music to the ears of NEMA members — efficiency must be the cornerstone of our country’s long-term energy plan. Kathleen Hogan, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) at the U.S. Department of Energy called efficiency the “untapped resource.” She went on to say that that the nation has a vital interest in bringing forth new solutions that make sense for all of industry.

Senator Lisa Murkowski echoed the urgent need for the measure — and an increased focus on energy efficiency as it relates to the economy, adding, “I also see it as a ‘bottom line’ issue — an area where it is in our best interest to find agreement due to the current fiscal constraints we face as a nation. I’d like to commend Senators Portman and Shaheen for again coming together to introduce the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, legislation that aims to increase the efficiency of our homes and buildings, as well as for the industrial sector and federal agencies. This measure is supported by some 200 organizations, including a wide range of efficiency advocates and manufacturers.”

Senators Al Franken and Senator Ron Wyden (pictured in this post) also congratulated the bill’s sponsors, noting this legislation also would actively help achieve President Obama’s goal of using less energy, while producing more.

In closing, Senator Rob Portman stressed the need to help the manufacturing sector get better equipment and technologies that will make U.S. businesses more efficient and competitive.

Such technologies are at the heart of what NEMA members do every day. We’re happy to be part of the solution. We’re happy to be part of the solution and remain hopeful that the full Senate will express the same level of harmony as their colleagues on the Energy and Natural Resources committee.

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