President Calls for Ramping Up Responsible Climate Change Policies

President Calls for Ramping Up Responsible Climate Change Policies

On June 25th, President Obama gave a wide-ranging speech on climate change in which he urged the nation’s public and private sectors to engage in “steady, responsible action to cut carbon pollution . . . so we can leave behind a cleaner, more stable environment.”

NEMA and its 400-plus members heard much that was familiar.  Since 2010, we’ve been working on a strategic initiative to develop a methodology to conduct carbon footprint assessments in the electro-product sector. As we all know, we have to be able to accurately measure a product’s emissions in order to work toward reducing that profile.

In virtually every initiative area the president listed in his speech, NEMA members are already at work, and offering their solutions and expertise to assist. Here are a few examples of what the president said and what NEMA is doing:

  • Accelerating energy efficiency as the first choice to save taxpayers’ and consumers’ money, make U.S. businesses and industry more competitive, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At NEMA we say energy efficiency should be our “first fuel” for every application in America.
  • Upgrading the nation’s electric grid to improve reliability, resiliency and reduce wasted energy use. NEMA notes in 2011 the U.S. wasted more energy than it consumed, , much as a result of outdated technology, and its members have the Smart Grid technologies and approaches available today to accelerate the pace of modernization.
  • Working with state and local governments to strengthen the nation’s rebuilding strategy following Hurricane Sandy and to serve as a precedent after future natural disasters. NEMA’s Storm Reconstruction: Rebuild Smart guide provides insights to policymakers and consumers about ways to support and collaborate with this national effort.
  • Equally important, the president said the National Institute of Standards and Technology will be convening experts on disaster-resilience standards to develop guidelines for communities for safe buildings and infrastructure. NEMA is the standards development organization for the spectrum of the electro-products industries, from power transmission and distribution equipment to lighting systems and factory automation and control systems, and provides an accredited forum for the development of technical standards that meet the nation’s needs for improved energy resiliency and reliability.

In short, NEMA members are ready to start. Today.

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