Shaheen-Portman Bill Pulled from Senate Floor

Shaheen-Portman Bill Pulled from Senate Floor

For a while there, the Senate was debating the premier energy efficiency bill, offering amendments, and displaying the bipartisan consensus there is around this legislation (S. 1392, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act). 

But debate came to a stand still hours after it started, mainly over (surprise!) disgreement about which unrelated amendments should be allowed to be offered.  As the days passed, the window of opportunity began to close for now.  The Senate will be moving on to debate over 2014 funding next week.

NEMA is disappointed that the Senate did not complete consideration of the bill. We have worked tirelessly to help guide this legislation to passage because it takes a number of positive steps forward in our country’s effort to improve its energy security and economic competitiveness through increasing efficiency in commercial buildings, the industrial sector, and in the federal government itself.

The issue of energy efficiency is as unifying and bipartisan an issue as any today and we are hopeful the Senate will return to the measure after it completes work on a 2014 funding bill. 

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