IEC Issues Cautionary Statement on Iranian Sanctions

IEC Issues Cautionary Statement on Iranian Sanctions

Following the conclusion of a visit by a large French business delegation to Iran, aimed at reviving economic ties, Geneva based International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) issued a strongly worded cautionary statement to countries participating in its Conformity Assessments Systems.

IEC General Secretary & CEO, F.W.P. Vreeswijk, warned that it’s the responsibility of the member body in each participating country in the establishment of the national rules implementing any one of IEC’s Conformity Assessments (CA) Systems to provide the necessary legal protection against violation of any law.  Further, the IEC does not track sanctions imposed by the United Nations on any country, or by one country on another. This, they believe, is the responsibility of the companies doing business in those countries.

There is good reason for the IEC warning as several countries have conducted similar visits to explore new trade opportunities with Iran following the lifting of sanctions by the U.S. and the EU.  The concern is that the lifting of sanctions only applies to petrochemical products, the auto industry, parts and services for passenger planes, and a limited number of goods and services.

The easing of sanctions and the rush of countries exploring new trade opportunities in Iran prompted further cautioning from the IEC General Secretary.  He advised that one should be familiar with the terms of any sanctions implemented by any country where your organization is based, has offices, or does business with to see whether they affect your activities as a member of any of the IEC CA Systems.  Sound advice.

More recently, the IEC announced the immediate suspension of the IEC National Committee of Iran.  Reason given was the failure to pay IEC membership dues for the proceeding two years.  The IECEE Member Body ISIRI has been suspended as well. Iran is only the second country to have been suspended by IECEE.

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