NEMA Strategic Initiative: Promoting Smart Cities

NEMA Strategic Initiative: Promoting Smart Cities

The NEMA Strategic Initiatives Program was established to seize emerging market opportunities, solve impending challenges, and address issues involving multiple NEMA product sections and divisions.

The 2016 Smart Cities Strategic Initiative contains four components:

  • Energy and Water: An initiative to quantify the energy efficiency of water supply, delivery, and treatment systems; to analyze the market potential to improve efficiency by using member products; and to evaluate the viability of energy savings performance contracts and other finance vehicles for energy efficiency upgrades to water systems. Contact Alex Boesenberg to get involved.
  • Smart Cities: An initiative to explore the market potential of the city as a “system of systems” connecting the energy, water, transportation, buildings, and communications sectors. This initiative seeks to ensure that NEMA members’ interests are protected as domestic and international bodies develop codes, standards, regulations, and rating systems for smart cities. Contact Ryan Franks to get involved.
  • High-Performance Buildings: An initiative to promote the adoption of high-performance technologies and systems that increase the energy efficiency, safety, sustainability, and security of government-owned, commercial, and multi-family buildings. Activities focus on adoption of municipal energy efficiency policies to incentivize the installation of energy-efficient products in buildings; providing building-owners with educational resources on how to achieve greater efficiencies and save money; and the adoption of favorable provisions in building codes and standards. Contact Paul Rodriguez, Program Manager, to get involved.
  • Urban Lighting Systems: To conduct an analysis of new market opportunities and new standards regimes for lighting systems, or other vertical components of smart cities. Contact Maria Northup to get involved.

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