Let NEMA Schedule Your Congressional Visits

Let NEMA Schedule Your Congressional Visits

NEMA members and staff with Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-CA) on April 15

One of the many services NEMA Government Relations provides its members is organizing congressional visits either for individual companies or for entire NEMA sections.

Whether you are in town for a NEMA meeting or not, NEMA Government Relations encourages member company representatives to take advantage of being in Washington, D.C., and allowing the staff to arrange visits with your elected officials. These appointments help build relationships with the offices that represent you and your company and allow you to speak with them about issues facing your company.

NEMA Government Relations staff is also available to set up meetings for entire sections who want Congress to act on issues important to them. Either way, NEMA Government Relations stands ready to help NEMA members in building long, lasting relationships in Congress.

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