I Am NEMA: What does an industry director do?

I Am NEMA: What does an industry director do?

This piece was originally published in the June 2016 issue of ei, the magazine of the electroindustry.

William Hoyt, Industry Director
Bill Hoyt

What do you do? Just about everyone has been asked that at least once. The most difficult time I had explaining that was years ago at my daughter’s seventh-grade career day. The doctor, the fire chief, the lawyer, the teacher, and the engineer had it easy. At the time, I was with another trade association that was not involved in standards. Standards, and why we need them, are easier to explain than regulatory issues, legislative agendas, statistical data, work flow studies, and training.

My early career in the for-profit sector included operations management, project management, and running an industrial processing plant. Undergoing those experiences helped me understand not only the needs of members, but the why their needs are important to NEMA.

NEMA helps member companies manufacture safe electrical products using NEMA standards. We help our members and the Department of Energy write regulations that help save energy, based on NEMA standards. We help our members compete in what are increasingly global markets, often using harmonized standards and addressing barriers to those markets.

Even though my daughter (now in her 30s) still isn’t quite sure what her dad does, other than go to lots of meetings, it is now easier to explain why I go to all those meetings.

I help make the world a safer, more efficient, and better place.

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