2017 Strategic Initiatives: Preparing for a Connected Future

2017 Strategic Initiatives: Preparing for a Connected Future

This piece was originally published in the August 2016 issue of electroindustry.

Patrick Hughes, Senior Director, Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives, NEMA

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How will the electroindustry change in the next five to ten years? What should we do to prepare manufacturers for the future? These are questions that NEMA addresses each year through its Strategic Initiatives program.

Established in 2007, the program helps NEMA members seize emerging market opportunities, solve impending challenges, and prepare for a rapidly evolving and sometimes uncertain industry. As we begin the second decade of this research and development program, we are excited to announce the suite of 2017 Strategic Initiatives and their objectives.                                

Internet of Things (IoT): Accelerate the adoption of connected devices and systems by increasing the operability and interoperability of electrical products and by developing tailored information and actionable intelligence to help members navigate the expanding universe of protocols, data formats, and other IoT architectures.

Cybersecurity: Prepare members and their customers to withstand increasingly numerous and sophisticated cyberattacks by developing technical best practices and standards and advocating for reasonable and flexible government policies and regulations.

Clean Power Plan State Outreach: Seize the opportunity presented by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan to increase sales of energy-efficient equipment and equipment used to integrate renewable energy.

Electrical Safety Information Analysis: Cultivate new and aggregate existing information measuring the costs and benefits of technologies that improve electrical safety to strengthen arguments that favor code adoption and enforcement.

Import Enforcement of Product Regulations: Define the scope of the threat presented by products that do not meet U.S. regulatory requirements or respect U.S. intellectual property rights and minimize identified threats. 

Connected Transportation and Adjacent Industries: Identify and catalyze opportunities for members to benefit from increased adoption of connected transportation infrastructure and systems (e.g., connected traffic infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, and public transportation infrastructure).

Non-traditional Distribution Networks (Microgrids and Direct Current in Buildings): Accelerate demand for microgrids and direct current in buildings by focusing on codes and standards and utility regulations and business models, and by conducting scenario analyses to guide company strategies. 

The Value of Medical Imaging: Gain new insight into the motivation of medical imaging service providers (e.g., doctors and hospitals) and payers (e.g., insurance companies and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) as to what information serves as inputs into their decisions to provide or pay for medical imaging services.

Educating the Electrical Workforce: Systematically map the workforce development requirements of NEMA members to identify needs that NEMA can address to facilitate access to well-trained employees and personnel who install and inspect members’ products.

The planning process for 2018 strategic initiatives begins this fall with an open solicitation for new ideas. All NEMA members are encouraged to submit ideas and predictions for the future of the electrical and medical imaging industries. Visit www.nema.org/si to submit your ideas and for the latest information about current and past NEMA Strategic Initiatives.

Read the August 2016 issue of electroindustry.

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