Benchmarking Leads to Energy Efficiency

Benchmarking Leads to Energy Efficiency

This piece was originally published in the August 2016 issue of electroindustry.

Patrick E. Hughes, Senior Director, Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives, NEMA

A 2016 survey conducted on behalf of NEMA asked facility managers in New York City how they responded to the city’s building energy benchmarking and transparency ordinance, which requires large buildings to measure and disclose their energy performance score.

Facility managers in New York City were asked if they had made any changes in how they operate their buildings or had invested in energy-efficient equipment to increase facility energy performance as a result of the city’s benchmarking ordinance. Of those surveyed, 77 percent had made changes to how they operate their buildings, and 75 percent had installed new energy-efficient equipment.

The infographic below breaks down the changes and operations made as a result of the benchmarking policy.


Read the August 2016 issue of electroindustry

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