Arresters Section Publishes Purchasing Guides

Arresters Section Publishes Purchasing Guides

This piece was originally published in the September 2016 issue of electroindustry.



The NEMA Arresters Section published six guides and accompanying videos on surge arresters. These include four guides on purchasing good quality arresters, an instructional document on protecting distribution lines from lightning, and a document on the uses of transmission line arresters.

According to NEMA Program Manager Gary MacFadden, the topics of these guides were chosen to educate utility buyers and engineers on the advantages of thoroughly tested and well-manufactured products.

“In today’s global market, there are a far greater number of arrester options, making the best choice more difficult to determine,” he said. “NEMA member products are manufactured to meet high-quality standards to ensure reliable performance in the field.”

The documents and videos may be downloaded for free on the section website:

  • What to Look for in a Good Quality Arrester
  • What to Look for in a Good Quality Disk
  • What to Look for in a Good Quality Supplier
  • Understanding the Arrester Datasheet
  • The Lightning-Proof Distribution Line
  • The Many Uses of Transmission Line Arresters

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