Working Together in Medical Imaging

Working Together in Medical Imaging

This piece was originally published in the November 2016 issue of electroindustry.

Nelson Mendes, CEO, Ziehm Imaging and Chair, MITA Board of Directors

Doctor and patient using digital tablet in hospital

As chair of the MITA Board of Directors, I am pleased to reflect on the ways MITA benefits the medical imaging industry, to highlight the work we’ve done in 2016, and to bring attention to the important role membership plays in our interactions with patients, providers, payers, and regulators.

MITA’s member companies and staff set standards for quality and safety by earning the trust of regulators, providers, and patient advocates. We collaborate on research to demonstrate the value of medical imaging and why everyone who needs a scan should get one. We contribute sales data to understand markets and trends. We mobilize our global networks to streamline costly regulatory processes, remove barriers to business, and bring advanced imaging technology to new markets.

Most important, MITA enables medical imaging equipment manufacturers to cooperate with hospitals, doctors, and patient advocates to keep patients safe and health data secure.

MITA’s six strategic priorities reflect issues that are complex and require long-term solutions. They are determined by the board of directors—that is, the member companies themselves. These priorities go beyond what any one company can accomplish alone:

  • Repeal the medical device tax, which was instituted as part of the 2009 Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), and which has harmed our industry’s ability to invest in research and development
  • Promote the value of imaging technologies to public and private payers and their lifesaving potential to patients
  • Achieve equal regulation by the Food and Drug Administration of original equipment manufacturers and third-party service providers to ensure greater patient safety and equipment performance
  • Facilitate efficient and timely market access for member products by developing and promoting the use of MITA standards
  • Reduce barriers to global business and help grow global markets by leading an international network of industry partner organizations
  • Achieve a regulatory environment that helps growth and innovation in imaging

These issues are important to every company, regardless of size, sales, or product portfolio. MITA’s work touches every part of our product life cycle: design and testing, regulatory approval, sales taxes, equipment service and repairs, global supply chain reliability, and international shipments of equipment for refurbishment and resale.

MITA not only tackles the issues of today but also delves into the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. We want to understand how a Medicare marketplace policy could affect coverage and reimbursement of imaging scans. We are concerned about cybersecurity implications brought about by the Internet of Things, which—a point of pride— has its origins in the imaging suite.

We understand that business is global; challenges and opportunities anywhere affect sales and operations everywhere. MITA’s leading role in DITTA, the global voice of the medical imaging industry, has guided that organization’s growth to encompass 10 associations. These associations represent one-third of the world’s population. It is a trusted resource for regulators, public health officials, and decision makers around the globe.

Every day brings new advances in technology, innovation in patient care, and challenges unforeseen. Our companies know that there is nothing that we can’t accomplish by working together through MITA.

Read the November 2016 issue of electroindustry.

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