I Am MITA: Leaving Home

I Am MITA: Leaving Home

This piece was originally published in the November 2016 issue of electroindustry.

Hans Beinke, Siemens

mita_i-am-nema_beinke_high_res_2011My retirement from Siemens Healthineers this year has led me to reflect on my activities within the medical imaging industry and in particular with MITA, where I have made good memories and many friends.

While I have learned much in the industry, my work with MITA has provided a different type of experience, one that has been quite rewarding and fun. My involvement provided me the opportunity to ensure that my company’s interests in regulations, standards, guidance, and legislation were met. When I think of the topics I’ve had the opportunity to influence, I am proud to remember the diversity of issues, many positive outcomes, and cases in which we are still an active influence.

While I had the opportunity to work with several trade associations, for me MITA is home. It has given me the opportunity to focus on the topics that most influence the future of our products. I feel blessed by MITA and other industry people I’ve met. They are energetic and talented. With them, I have done good things for our industry as a whole.

Like many organizations, a core group of individuals frequently provides time and expertise. While it is great to have these people always at the ready, we need more participants and their expertise. If you have not yet actively participated in MITA topics, I encourage you to do so.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to play a role in influencing the growth of the industry and improving a portion of the healthcare system.

Read the November 2016 issue of electroindustry.

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