Aiding the Transformation

Aiding the Transformation

This piece was originally published as the chairwoman’s column in the December 2016 issue of electroindustry.

Maryrose Sylvester, Chair, NEMA Board of Governors

When I became chair of the NEMA Board of Governors, I said that I believe in our industry’s place in the future, and that’s still true today. We should embrace the notion that the electrical and medical imaging industries have the imperative to enact meaningful changes for the betterment of our society through our products, services, and civic involvement.

Although we have talked about and celebrated NEMA attaining 90 years of continuous service, what really holds my attention is the potential that this century holds for us. We can and should acknowledge the realities of the past, but the association and the industry must continue to evolve for the future.

This change will not always be linear, and more than likely it will be bumpy. Good ideas may not always be comfortable ones, and they may come from sources that are new to or outside of our industry. This diversity of thought is to our great advantage.

NEMA can aid the transformation by being the industry’s eyes and ears in Washington, by searching through scores of business data and reporting relevant insights, and by creating a venue for fair and legal collaboration on performance standards and other technical work. In this regard, our most engaged companies merit special recognition for making meaningful contributions and demonstrating sustained dedication.

NEMA continues not only to excel in each of these areas but also to invest in the future. Our 2017 strategic initiatives will explore market trends and opportunities and promising technology. I encourage all of our members to become active in this valuable program.

One of the early lessons following the 2016 election is that uncertainty about the incoming administration will remain until we see manifested actions on the legislative and regulatory fronts. NEMA will be deeply involved in this activity, strongly advocating for policies that benefit our industry. That advocacy will blend the power of our larger companies with the numbers and ethos of our smaller members to present a unified and effective representation of the expertise in our companies.

As I pass the gavel to Michael Pessina, co-CEO and president of Lutron Electronics, I extend sincere thanks to everyone who has participated in a NEMA section or committee. There is no doubt that by working together we are transforming the future of the electrical and medical imaging industries. We drive change in the electrical world. The same spirit and ambition that literally electrified the world in the past is ours to build on.

Read the December 2016 issue of electroindustry.

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