This piece was originally published in the January 2017 issue of electroindustry.

Mark Shoemaker, Meter Socket Engineering Manager, Durham Company

I have seen and read many of the “I am NEMA” articles and thought it was a section to introduce NEMA staff. Then I realized that I am NEMA, too!

As a NEMA member of the 08EI3 Section, Meter Mounting and Test Equipment, I have represented my company, which manufactures meter sockets and electrical enclosures. There are other aspects of membership I appreciate, however, such as having an equal voice regardless of company size, focusing on consensus, working with knowledgeable people with common technical insight and vocabulary, and being exposed to new technologies.

As an industry, we are in the midst of waves of new technologies and trends, including the smart grid, renewable energy, and home generation. We have the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to shape and guide these waves through consensus standards.

Although new technology may not be in meter mounting devices specifically, we ensure system-wide interoperability and interchangeability as technologies and components emerge. We have guidelines and policies for field examination of equipment in situations such as natural disasters or system conversions.

I also have appreciation for the NEMA staff. Because of them and NEMA guidelines, competing businesses can meet together in order to develop consensus standards and policies. They guide the waves surrounding us. Along with the staff, I am NEMA.

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