Working Together towards the Connected Future

Working Together towards the Connected Future

This piece was originally published in the February 2017 issue of electroindustry.

Michael W. Pessina: Co-Chief Executive Officer and President, Lutron Electronics

As we strive to enhance NEMA’s advocacy efforts in 2017, an important part of our mandate is working together to shape and advance better electrical and energy policies, regulations, codes, and standards. NEMA’s role continues to expand, touching other markets and more broadly influencing the rapidly changing electrical and medical imaging manufacturing industries to best serve NEMA members and their customers.

In the lighting industry, for example, in just the past few years we have seen a move beyond individual components to systems that provide integrated control of lights, window shades, HVAC, and other building systems that save energy and improve commercial and residential environments. This integration serves as the catalyst for improved data collection, allowing building owners, facility managers, and homeowners to analyze and fine tune their environments to enhance their lives.

In order to provide the best products, all individual parts should work together to deliver reliable, simple-to-use solutions manufactured with the end user in mind. System components should comply with sound technical and safety standards, offer intuitive operation, and integrate seamlessly to eliminate customer confusion or misunderstanding.

NEMA is committed to strong industry coalitions that maintain high standards, promote progress, and ensure that end products meet customer expectations and preserve consumer choice. Our strategic initiatives for 2017 are focused on preparing for a connected future, one that closely ties into the evolution of many parts of the electrical and medical imaging industries from components to systems.

NEMA membership covers the majority of those industries, giving us an opportunity to speak in a unified voice that garners respect from lawmakers, government agencies, and energy advocates alike. We have a responsibility to maintain collaborative relationships and continue to drive issues that affect our business and our economy and improve our customers’ lives.

As I commence my tenure as chairman of the NEMA Board of Governors, I’d like to thank Maryrose Sylvester for all her contributions as chairwoman last year. I look forward to working with the NEMA board members and the entire NEMA team to continue to serve our industry and all its constituents.

This is also an opportunity to renew our commitment to the industry. Each of us should actively contribute to and stay engaged with NEMA and all its member companies. To achieve the most positive results, we must remember that we only get out of our association what we put into it.

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