Plugged into Safety

Plugged into Safety

This piece was originally published in the March 2017 issue of electroindustry.

Danny Abbate, NEMA Industry Director, Commercial Products

My friends and family always ask what it is I do at that place called a trade association.

As the NEMA industry director for commercial products, I work with power outlets, switches, fuses, steel conduit, surge protectors, and many other electrical products. Most people don’t realize how big an impact these products have on society as we know it. The world’s computers and televisions would not be able to function without them. Buildings would not have safe wiring. People would be at risk of electric shock or worse when using electric products.

The vast majority of personal electronics users have no knowledge of standards and product listings, but the manufacturers persistently work to vet these products through standardization, codes, and repeatable manufacturing processes. Without their hard work, we might not find ourselves in the Stone Age, but if everyone’s gadgets were suddenly gone, it might feel like that.

The easiest response for me to give when asked what I do is to say that I am proud that my work helps product manufacturers make their electrical products safe and reliable for everyday use.

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