John Malinowski Retires, Anticipates New Challenges

John Malinowski Retires, Anticipates New Challenges

This piece was originally published in the April 2017 issue of electroindustry.

William Hoyt, Industry Director, NEMA

John Malinowski announced his retirement from Baldor/ABB in February after 34 years with the company. Fittingly, his final days with Baldor were spent at the NEMA Motor & Generator Section (1MG) meetings in Key West.

While John was the 1MG section chair from 2009-2015, he called me almost every day. Although our conversations were often about motors, section work, DOE regulations, and the MG1 standard, we also talked about what was going on in our lives and in the world in general. When John relinquished his chair because of term limits, the section added the position of immediate past chair to take advantage of John’s knowledge, intellect, and passion for the motor business.

John is a fierce competitor—he competes against excellence, not against average. In our frequent conversations, he always pushed and questioned me. He made me a better section partner and person.

I asked some of his business competitors and fellow section members for their thoughts. Current Section Chair Dan Delaney of Regal Beloit said, “John has included the NEMA position in his activities in other industry associations and standards development organizations, ensuring that NEMA’s industry requirements were embedded in standards such as IEEE, API, and Hydraulic Institute, along with other international standards.”

Section Vice Chair Dale Basso of WEG agreed, saying John’s involvement “helped to raise awareness and status of NEMA and our motor industry.”

While Section Technical Committee Chair Tim Schumann of SEW Eurodrive described John as having a “powerful voice for the motor industry in all levels of government relations and standardization.” Section Energy Management Committee Chair Rob Boteler of Nidec was more poetic, calling him a “voice of reason in the wilderness of government regulation.”

John is not likely to ease into the next chapter of his life. It is more likely that he will challenge zero to 60 in one of his cars. He may even turn up at the occasional NEMA meeting. He will be welcomed wherever he focuses his substantial talents and intellect.


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