Energy Benchmarking Equals Energy Savings

Energy Benchmarking Equals Energy Savings

This piece was originally published in the June 2017 issue of electroindustry.

New York City facility managers who measure the energy performance of their buildings are investing in energy-saving technologies and operational improvements in order to improve their buildings’ energy efficiency, according to a survey conducted by NEMA in 2016.

Cities around the United States are implementing building energy benchmarking and transparency ordinances that require large buildings to measure and disclose their energy use as a way to encourage energy efficiency improvements. These policies allow building owners and occupants to compare the energy performance of their buildings with that of similar buildings.

Multiple studies have shown that commercial, multifamily, and public buildings that have benchmarked energy use pursuant to city benchmarking ordinances have reduced their energy use and increased their ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® scores faster than buildings not subject to such laws. These findings are consistent with the conclusion that benchmarking laws are catalyzing increased building efficiency. ​​​

Download the NEMA survey report.

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