UPS Delivers with Hydrogen-Powered Electric Motor

UPS Delivers with Hydrogen-Powered Electric Motor

This piece was originally published in the July 2017 issue of electroindustry.

Mike Tankard, Business Development Director, Vehicle Systems, Nidec SR Drives Ltd

Delivery giant UPS recently introduced the world’s first hydrogen-electric Class 6 delivery truck as part of a $10 million federal Department of Energy (DOE) program. The hydrogen-powered electric drivetrain delivery van uses a switched reluctance electric motor, which is less costly to manufacture than a permanent-magnet motor, uses fewer parts, and does not need a transmission.

Power output can be regulated electronically to accommodate all types of loads. In addition, removing and repairing an electric motor is quicker, easier, and cheaper than removing and repairing a diesel engine.

The overall electrical system is developed and installed by Unique Electrical Solutions LLC. The project is funded by UPS, DOE, and several California air quality agencies.

One thought on “UPS Delivers with Hydrogen-Powered Electric Motor

  1. Interesting that this relase makes no mention of the cost of installation, operation and maintenance of the hydrogen fuel system that evidently supplies the electricity for this motor. Any non-renewable energy source tends to dominate overall system cost.

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