IDEA Commits to International Standards

IDEA Commits to International Standards

This piece was originally published in the October 2017 issue of electroindustry.

Mary Shaw, Director of eBusiness Standards, IDEA, and Maya Brown, Intern, IDEA

The Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA) supports ETIM International (, the governing body of the European Technical Information Model (ETIM), a classification standard that promotes international e-commerce for electrical products in Europe and enables electronic data exchange between manufacturers, wholesalers, and contractors.

The long-term goal of ETIM International is to promote ETIM as a primary technical information model. In October 2015, IDEA became the first non-European member of ETIM International, and it is the convening body for the ETIM North America working group. ETIM NA is for the United States and Canada—and eventually Mexico.

At the recent ETIM meetings, representatives decided to incorporate imperial measures into the model, complementing the metric standard used in parts of North America. Imperial measurements will be available in version 7.0, which will be released this fall. Representatives also agreed to modify the organizational model to accommodate the growing number of countries. As a result, backing for ETIM can be provided by the North American committee under IDEA.

The committee will finalize an English translation of ETIM and will create decision trees for product groups that manufacturers can use to assign appropriate ETIM classes, features, and values to their products. A map will be developed between the ETIM North American translation and the United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes that are currently used by IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW).

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