I Am MITA: Wayne Moore

I Am MITA: Wayne Moore

This piece was originally published in the November 2017 issue of electroindustry.

Wayne Moore, President and CEO, Acertara Acoustic Laboratories

As a small-business owner in the medical imaging market, I am frequently asked why Acertara joined MITA. After all, isn’t MITA all about huge multinational corporations? What drove Acertara to membership is the MITA mission: reduce regulatory barriers, establish standards, and advocate for the medical imaging industry.

Acertara wanted to be not only a member of MITA but also an active participant in the development and adoption of new and relevant domestic and international standards.

Along with Jim Gessert, Acertara’s chief technical officer, I have served on several committees related to diagnostic ultrasound over the last 15 years. Interacting with the brightest engineering, regulatory, and quality assurance minds in the medical imaging industry has made Acertara a better company.

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