Disruptive Technology Strengthens Supply Chain

Disruptive Technology Strengthens Supply Chain

This piece was originally published in the December 2017 issue of electroindustry.

In his talk on Digital Transformation and the Value Chain, Michael Steep, executive director of Stanford Engineering Center for Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities and adjunct professor, focused on the role of disruptive technology on the coordinated supply chain and developing a strategy to reduce risk within it.

Using examples from design automation, intelligent manufacturing, model-based reasoning, integrated planning and control, advanced manufacturing and deposition systems, and printed electronics, Mr. Steep illustrated how these work together to create a dynamic supply chain for complex products like vehicles, airplanes, and consumer electronics, which are then shipped directly to end customers through third-party distribution channels.

He challenged meeting participants to think about the supply chain in terms of disruptive technology, its impacts on the electroindustry, and best practices.

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