BIC Award: Champion Fiberglass Exemplifies Innovation

BIC Award: Champion Fiberglass Exemplifies Innovation

This piece was originally published in the December 2017 issue of electroindustry.

On behalf of Champion Fiberglass, Goran Haag accepted the 2017 Illuminations Award for Business Innovation, November 9, at the Annual Membership Meeting in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Mr. Haag is the owner and co-founder of the company. His passion for fiberglass and his commitment to quality products revolutionized the electroindustry. Within a year of its founding in 1988, Champion Fiberglass distinguished itself as a small company whose innovations in epoxy resin–based conduit and fittings exceed the most stringent fire-safety requirements.

These products led to the company’s position as a leading supplier of fiberglass conduit and strut for use in demanding industrial, electrical, and mechanical environments, including passenger railways, subways, and stations; bridges and tunnels; utility installations; and applications requiring two-hour fire ratings. The strong, lightweight, and nonmetallic solutions have improved performance, enhanced safety, and cut costs.

Although a relatively small company with limited personnel and human resources, Champion Fiberglass is active in the Polymer Raceway Products Section’s work and its technical committee. Mr. Haag is proactive in working with the electrical manufacturing industry to convey the advantages of fiberglass conduit and to expand the applications of fiberglass conduit in the field. All of its manufacturing equipment was built by the company’s own staff, including compression molds for fiberglass conduit fittings.

Champion Fiberglass’s dedication to code adherence and sustainability is evident not only in its technological advancements but also in the entrepreneurial spirit with which it rebuilt its Houston, Texas, plant in record time last year after a devastating fire. Under Mr. Haag’s leadership, the new digital facility increased capacity, incorporated state-of-the-art safety systems, and upgraded its power system and electrical infrastructure to be compliant with the National Electrical Code® (NEC).

Champion Fiberglass is active in National Fire Protection Association, which publishes the NEC, and has been successful in getting many proposals adopted in it. This kind of participation demonstrates the company’s commitment to safe electrical and structural systems.

Internally, this commitment can be seen in Champ Camp, an event that brings together national representatives to discover new ways to help customers. Speakers share techniques, tips, and firsthand accounts of how fiberglass increases efficiency and decreases costs on major projects.

In demonstrating ingenuity and forward-thinking, Mr. Haag changed the trajectory of the electroindustry. From data centers to mining, from subway tunnels to the Hoover Dam, Champion Fiberglass embodies the values that NEMA celebrates with the Illuminations Award for Business Innovation.

About the Illuminations Award for Business Innovation

The Illuminations Award for Business Innovation is presented to a NEMA Business Innovation Council (BIC) member company that has demonstrated success through entrepreneurial growth and advanced technology or pioneered innovation.

This year’s award was sponsored by MVC-Maxivolt.

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