Kite and Key Award: Becky Rainer Shines in Lighting

Kite and Key Award: Becky Rainer Shines in Lighting

This piece was originally published in the December 2017 issue of electroindustry.

Rebecca F. “Becky” Rainer, whose exceptional leadership shines throughout the lighting industry and especially within NEMA, was recognized with a 2017 Kite & Key Award at the NEMA Annual Membership Meeting, November 9, in Bonita Springs.

A member of the NEMA Lighting Division for more than 20 years, first representing Cooper Lighting and now Eaton Lighting Solutions, Ms. Rainer has held several leadership positions, including vice chair and chair of both the NEMA Lighting Systems Division and Luminaire Section. She also participates in NEMA cross-divisional activities, such as the High Performance Buildings Council.

A recognized authority in outdoor lighting, Ms. Rainer has earned recognition from her peers, electric utilities, and municipalities. She chairs the NEMA LSD 55 working group that is addressing the American Medical Association’s position on the health implications of outdoor lighting. She is also active in the ANSI C136 Roadway and Area Lighting Committee, supported by the NEMA Luminaire Section.

Her active advocacy in NEMA Government Relations activities includes working on congressional legislation, Department of Energy standards development, and California Energy Commission building and appliance standards.

Her other state policy work includes developing light pollution bills and collaborating in the joint development of model state ordinance language supported by NEMA, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), the International Association of Lighting Designers, and the International Dark-Sky Association. A member of the IES, Ms. Rainer chairs the IES Street and Area Lighting Planning Committee and serves on the Obtrusive Light, Liaison, Maintenance, and Off-Roadway subcommittees of the IES Roadway Lighting Committee. She is also a member of the International Dark-Sky Association and is an educator for the Eastern Electric Utility Outdoor Lighting Council.

When the new ANSI C137 committee formed to address interconnectivity issues with complex lighting system technology, Ms. Rainer again assumed a leadership role, chairing the ANSI C137 Lighting Systems Applications Working Group. She provided leadership in the Lighting Systems Division 2015 strategic planning and advocated for the C137 Lighting Systems Approach, focusing on interoperability and an integrated systems perspective to lighting technologies.

Her NEMA activities include membership in the Luminaire, Emergency Lighting, Lighting Controls, and Light Source Sections in addition to the Technical Committee of the Luminaire and Light Source Sections. She consistently promotes the association and its standards in all aspects of her work and with adjacent industries.

Ms. Rainer has been characterized by her peers as a leader who listens and is always prepared to act on solutions. Her insight, commitment, and willingness to hear all sides of an issue before working with committee members to reach a solution exemplify the spirit of the Kite & Key Award.

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