Going Green with Electric Truck Drives

Going Green with Electric Truck Drives

This piece was originally published in the January 2018 issue of electroindustry.

Dale Basso, Product Manager, Low Voltage Motors, WEG Electric Corp.

Electric motors and drives specifically designed and hardened for electrification of vehicles are growing well beyond the traditional automotive industry. One example is the first 100 percent electrically driven light truck developed in Brazil.

The new concept truck will be equipped with an electric powertrain system, consisting of an electric motor that delivers 80 kW (110 horsepower) of output power plus a variable-frequency drive. In addition to the powertrain, the truck will use auxiliary electric motors and drives for an air compressor, hydraulic pump, and air conditioning systems. The project for commercial vehicles also incorporates lithium-ion battery banks providing a range of 200 kilometers, depending on the application and on the vehicle configuration.

The project was introduced to the market by a major vehicle manufacturer to meet the demand for green logistics, zero emissions, and low-noise traffic areas. With a growing use of electric traction systems for buses, trolleybuses, trains, and ships, this delivery truck takes an important step in its growth of electric vehicles in the market for metropolitan use.

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