Code Adoption Revs Up in the South

Code Adoption Revs Up in the South

This piece was originally published in the February 2018 issue of electroindustry.

Bryan P. Holland, South Field Representative, NEMA

The Florida Building Commission will begin the three-year process of updating the Florida Building Code, 7th Edition (2020), which is based on the 2018 International Code Council codes (I-Codes) and the 2017 National Electrical Code® (NEC).

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs will begin reviewing the 2015 International Building Code and 2015 International Residential Code. The updated Louisiana Uniform Construction Code, based on the 2015 I-Codes and 2014 NEC, goes into effect June 1.

The North Carolina Electrical Code, based on the 2017 NEC, goes into effect April 1. The 2018 state building code, based on the 2015 I-Codes, goes into effect on July 1. The Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission is assembling an electrical technical committee to begin review of the 2017 NEC. The South Carolina Building Codes Council has issued a notice of intent to adopt the 2018 state building code based on the 2018 I-Codes and 2017 NEC.

The Tennessee Fire Prevention Office is expected to publish an amended rule to adopt the 2017 NEC, effective July 1. The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development completed the update to the 2015 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code based on the 2015 I-Codes and 2014 NEC, effective March 1.

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