I Am the Electroindustry: William (Bill) Finley

I Am the Electroindustry: William (Bill) Finley

This piece was originally published in the March 2018 issue of electroindustry.

William (Bill) Finley, Senior Director of Technology, Siemens Industry, Inc.

I have been working behind the scenes for 35 years developing, improving, and harmonizing electric rotating machine performance and energy conservation standards within NEMA, the IEC, and IEEE and have held many officer positions in all three standards organizations.

Not only have I been involved in the Motor and Generator Section, but I have also worked in global harmonization through my work in CANENA, the IEC, and harmonizing IEEE standards with IEC standards. This has given me the unique opportunity to harmonize standards globally.

There are many performance and economic benefits for manufacturers and end users in having one design that can be developed, proven, verified, and then used globally. A few recent successes include the harmonization of efficiency (energy conservation), testing, and vibration standards. I continue to educate the user community by presenting these topics in more than 30 papers, many of which have won awards. In addition to my prestigious elevation to IEEE Fellow, I am also honored to have been named a Siemens Innovator of the Year.

Especially because of my work in harmonization, I am proud to be a member of the electroindustry.

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