NEMA Member Companies Wade into Water Debate

NEMA Member Companies Wade into Water Debate

This piece was originally published in the July 2018 issue of electroindustry.

Joseph Eaves, Director, Government Relations, NEMA

Members of NEMA’s Industrial Automation Control Products and Systems Section (1IS) took part in a Hill Day where they met with Senate offices who sit on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to discuss S 2800, America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018.

If passed, S 2800 would invest in updating and expanding water infrastructure systems throughout the country. Along with reauthorizing the ongoing work of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the legislation addresses a wide variety of priorities, including clean drinking water, farmland irrigation, flood control, ship navigability, and beach and shoreline maintenance.

NEMA fully supports policies ensuring access to clean drinking water for everyone. This includes centralized water delivery systems, wastewater treatment facilities, well water, and other groundwater supply systems. Dependable and safe drinking water delivery and control systems, including in rural and disadvantaged communities, should be an integral component of any water infrastructure initiative.

Investment in our water infrastructure is long overdue. Over the last several years we have seen firsthand a wide range of communities struggling to keep pace with repairs and improvements. Congress should include funding for water facilities of all sizes and incentivize them to make improvements related to reliability, efficiency, and safety, all of which are proven to significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs. Investments such as smart motor-drive systems for pumps, smart meters for customers, and advanced control systems reduce costs to customers and improve water quality.

During the meetings, company representatives were able to specifically discuss sections of S 2800 that they support. Members were also able to ask for changes to the bill, such as adding language that would support maritime port electrification at our nation’s ports.

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