I Am the Electroindustry | Sam Friedman

I Am the Electroindustry | Sam Friedman

This piece was originally published in the July 2018 issue of electroindustry.

Sam Friedman, Director of Engineering and Codes and Standards, General Cable

I have worked as a product engineer and product engineering manager in the wire and cable industry for more than 40 years. During that time, there have been many changes in the design of wire and cable products, caused by the introduction of better insulating materials and new and different wire applications. New and updated Standards are often developed to keep up with these changes.

For example, there has been a need for higher-voltage ac and dc utility cables, combination power and data cables, electric vehicle charging cables, photovoltaic wires, wind turbine power cables, and fiber optic cables. Regulatory changes also have required redesigns that require environmentally friendly cable products. These all need new or revised industry Standards.

Being a Member and chairman of many wire and cable committees for NFPA, CANENA, UL, CSA, ANCE, IEC, and NEMA, I have been involved in and contributed to North American and worldwide wire and cable Standard changes. This can be challenging but is worthwhile once consensus has been reached and the Standards are published.

The importance of wire and cable products to the overall electrification system is often overlooked. However, without these wire and cable products there would be no way to power the many electrical machines and home appliances that we consider necessities in our daily lives. Even wireless products need power—and therefore wires for charging the batteries.

I am proud to have been part of the electroindustry and, as such, been part of many of the changes that have taken place.

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