ASC Publishes New Standards, Continues Work on Projects

ASC Publishes New Standards, Continues Work on Projects

This piece was originally published in the March/April 2019 issue of electroindustry.

David Richmond, Program Manager, Lighting Products and Systems, NEMA

The ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) C136 is publishing two new outdoor lighting Standards: ANSI C136.42-2019 Solid State Lighting Retrofit Kits and ANSI C136.48-2018 Wireless Networked Lighting Controllers.

ANSI C136.42 defines the mechanical and electrical requirements for transforming installed high-intensity discharge roadway lighting and area luminaires to solid-state roadway and area luminaires. This Standard is limited to non-screw base retrofit kits only.

ANSI C136.48 defines the minimum requirements for wireless networked lighting controllers intended for use with roadway and area lighting systems. The core of any networked control system is a network of field devices that are fundamentally producers and consumers of data and exchange information in various ways. Field device networks include controllers that turn streetlights on and off and may control lighting levels, and monitor performance through software. Controllers route data through gateways that act as bridges to outside networks and may perform other system functions. Field device networks are accessed and managed remotely by a central management system with a user interface. Access may take the form of wired or wireless communication networks.

The committee is open to all materially affected and interested parties. However, to achieve and maintain balance, C136 is actively seeking additional Members in the End User and General Interest membership categories. If interested, please contact David Richmond at

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