Gliebe Honored

Gliebe Honored

This piece was originally published in the September/October 2019 issue of electroindustry.

RIght: John Caskey, Former NEMA VP of operations, presents Mark Gliebe   with the EIC Golden Omega Award for his contributions to the electroindustry.

For 60 years, NEMA and the IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference have celebrated people who have contributed significantly to the field of science and technology. This year, NEMA had the honor of presenting the Golden Omega Award to NEMA Board of Governors Chair Mark Gliebe.

Gliebe has spent nearly 20 years in the motor industry. During this time, Gliebe, as CEO of Regal Beloit, has helped usher in the future of motor-driven systems, including motors with integrated drives for air conditioning, pumps, and many other applications. These motors use the latest technologies for significantly improved power densities and improved form factors, allowing their clients to continue to innovate and bring new performance features to customers.

For a list of previous NEMA Member award winners, visit ei

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